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Pro Epoxy Flooring Perth stands as your reliable choice for top-quality epoxy flooring services. Our team is dedicated to garage epoxy flooring and driveway resurfacing. We also specialize in shed epoxy flooring. We place a strong emphasis on skilled craftsmanship and the latest technology to elevate your spaces into long-lasting and visually appealing environments. Pro Epoxy Flooring Perth can provide you with outstanding epoxy flooring solutions, whether you are a business or a homeowner. Contact us today to learn more about the difference that sets Pro Epoxy Flooring Perth apart from the rest.


About Jolimont

Jolimont is a small western suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located within the City of Subiaco, although a small portion of the suburb is administered by the Town of Cambridge west of the CBD. The suburb is believed to be named after the Melbourne suburb of Jolimont, which was in turn named after "Jolimont" - the residence of Governor La Trobe. Its postcode is 6014. Jolimont only has a small residential section, with most of its land area taken up with parks and sporting facilities, although its catchment area takes in blocks of flats on Cambridge Street, Wembley, and the entire suburb of Daglish. The suburb has a primary school and is served by the CircleRoute, as well as being near Daglish train station. Jolimont is home to the Matthews Netball Centre and the Pat Goodridge Hockey Centre, as well as other courts and open spaces.

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